Tuesday, April 8, 2008

TV tonight....

  • watching it right now and I just love that David Cook. He's coming up now........he's singing right now and the back up singers are just drowning him out.
  • Carly just finished and what's up with her always wearing sleeveless shirts....showing off that dumb tattoo! And I'm not anti-tattoo.....Johnny boy has one
  • Then Hell's Kitchen.....he's so mean
  • I'm DVR'ing....is that a word, recording the Biggest Loser. I want that gal Allie to win.
  • work has been crazy busy but that's always a good thing.
  • stayed up too late last night watching the game.......woo hoo! And then fell asleep right.at.the.end!!

So Johnny boy and I are taking all of next week off. Johnny will be tearing out the old deck, installing the new one. Do you think our marriage of 28 years can survive......hehe. I'm just kidding!! I'm really looking forward to him being home......since he works 7 days a week. Yes, that's right, 7 days per week, every week!! He has taken one weekend off since the beginning of the year and they called him in on that Sunday. I think I'll just hide his work cell phone! I'm going to take some before, during and after pictures...aren't ya'll all just so excited. I'm in a blog slump.....what do I post about?? Maybe I should take a break.....or I need a meme....cuz I'm good at list!!



Carol said...

Definitely post pics. And I see no slumping from you. I loved Idol last night 2 and was surprised at how well Michael johns did and Kristy Cook and I actually liked Saisha (sp) for the 1st time ever. Tough competition this year. :-)

Beckie said...

I want Allie to win too!

I want to see before and after pics of the deck. We need a new deck really bad - ours is rickety.