Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yes, I am pathetic.......

Here is your laugh for the week.......or some may just shake their head in disgust, whatever, it's just one of my weird things. I do not pump gas. I have some sort of fear of gas o line.....ewww.

Long ago, service stations were full service. Full service in that the guy would come out and ask you how much gas you wanted, he would check your oil and clean your windshield. This is what service stations's all I knew. And I liked that.........and I would tip the service station attendent. I didn't have to touch the gas nozzle and he would get a win situation.

And then they started introducing self service........and to intice you to pump your own gas, check your own oil and clean your own windshield, self service gas was just a tad bit cheaper. And not much......just a little. Well, with me not liking gas o line...ewww....I snubbed my nose to the self service. What did I care that it was a few pennies cheaper. Well, I didn't care but my new husband, Johnny boy, he cared. It was during the gas o line....ewww, crunch of the early 80's and he said I needed to save the money and pump my own gas! Ewwww, I told him, no way, I'm not doing it, plus, I do not know how to check oil and I can't reach all the way across the windshield to clean my windows! So Johnny boy, being the most wonderful man on earth, worries, I will fill up your car every week for you........and guess what, he has been doing it for 29 years. I know, hard to believe but's like a little magic for me because my fuel tank gets a little low and then I get in my car and's full again! And I won't lie....I like it.

And with the exception of a few times with Johnny boy being out of town and me not having a full tank, I have only pumped gas maybe 3 times in 29 years. I know, pathetic but again, I won't lie.....I like it.

All of this leads up to today......while on my drive to work I happen to notice that I was just about on E. I checked the little car computer and it said my fuel range was 60 miles and since work is only 30 round trip, I was in good shape. Or I thought........because as I pulled into the parking lot at work the warning light came on and the fuel range now read "low". arghhhh! I must have gunned it a little too much trying to impress the big rigs on the highway. So I'm a little worried at this point........go inside and call Johnny boy and bless his precious heart....he says damn, I forgot to put gas in your car. Lord knows I love this man. But he does warn me that once that car hits E....that's pretty much it, the really is E.

Believe it or not I worried about this most of the day. When I go to leave work, the low fuel light is no longer on.........and low and behold, the fuel range is now 50 miles. I call Johnny boy and tell him and he's like better not trust it, you better get gas.

So I did.....yeah me! I went to the Wawa and pulled least I knew which side the tank is on. Had a little trouble getting the cap off..........put in my debit card, pumped $20.03 worth of gas and stopped as the slushing sound of the gas o line...eww, that I could hear was about to put me in a panic. Then I couldn't get the gas cap back on and had to ask the gal next to me to please help me.......and she was very nice and showed me how to put it back on.

So there.....I did it and laugh all you want. I guess you would even think it's funny that I just learned how to use my debit card this past there's something Johnny boy has regreted that I learned.


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LillyGirl said...

LOL - Priceless...You sure did picka good one, that Johnny boy. :)

And on my car, and I think most, you have 1-2 gallons left when the light comes on...For you that might be 15-30 miles (?) but for me it's 50. :)