Friday, September 14, 2007

Rain out.......

Johnny boy and I were at the Richmond Braves game last's the AAA Governor's cup championship game. The Braves had just returned from Durham and were tied in the series. It was a great game even though they now Durham is up by one.

We've been watching the games from my companies Suite at the ballfield. It's really nice with food and beer and we also have some outside seats right in front of our box. So Thursday night, 4 young men are sitting right there in front of us.........and it's 4 of the Atlanta Braves pitchers! The A-Braves are in DC to play the Nationals starting on Friday, so these young men drive down to cheer on the R-Braves. I think that's really cool. And we were talking with them.......Johnny boy joking around with them. It was fun.

Now Friday.......we are rained out! We'll be back at the Diamond tomorrow at 3:00 for the next game. Here's a couple of pics of the good ole ground crew covering up the field. A pic of Johnny in the suite......I think he had his mouth full of food...haha.....And a pic of me in the suite........with my stupid short hair. (can you tell I'm not liking it)


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